Scarlet Palms: Script Extract

The lecture scene

El Hersey
2 min readSep 16, 2021

Scarlet is sleeping in the corner of her attic rom with a blanket all over her face.

The Dad opens the attic door.

He looks over to Scarlet and sighs.

Cuts to a long shot of them sitting on the floor in silence.

The Dad looks disapprovingly at her for a few seconds, then turns back to face the floor.

Dad: What caused this?

Scarlet Pauses, then swallows.

Scarlet: I don’t know.

Dad: I can’t keep on like this. You’ve got to stop.

Scarlet: I know.

Dad: Then Stop.

Scarlet: I can’t.

Dad: Why not.

Scarlet Snaps

Scarlet: Because.

Dad: This is serious. These are innocent people.

Scarlet narrows her eyes

Scarlet: You think I enjoy it?

Dad a bit afraid of her but tries to hide it

Dad: Well…no. But why can’t you at least try to get something else?

Scarlet: I’ve already tried. It makes me sick.

Dad: It makes you sick?

Scarlet nods

There’s a silence between them

Then the Dad speaks

Dad: Maybe you could…I don’t know…take a break..from it..just for a little while.

Scarlet: I can’t. I’ll die.

Dad: Then Die.

Scarlet swallows back her shock and tears

Scarlet: Do you mean that?

Dad signs and rubs his forehead

Dad: Well..No..I just want to stop.

Scarlet feels sad

Scarlet: But I’m hungry.

Dad sighs

Dad: I know.

There’s another silence between them.

Scarlet looks like she’s thinking something over then says

Scarlet: Ok.

Dad: Ok?

Scarlet: Ok I will try to..stop.

Dad: You’d do that?

Scarlet: Yes.

The dad finds a little courage inside himself and gingerly strokes her hair.

In response, Scarlet purrs like a cat.

He retracts his hand in disgust and walks off shutting the door, leaving Scarlet alone.



El Hersey

“If you be honest; you’ll be a true story.”