A poem by Ellie Hersey

I wish my brain was far, far away

On a tiny deserted island

Out in the middle of a stormy sea

Where my body could not touch it.

So I would not have to suffer

The consequences of its actions.

My Impulsivity gets the better of me

Especially when I’m manic

I cannot control it.

Its as if my mind is underwater

In the depths of a stormy sea

Every colour in my eyes is dulled

Even my emotions

Until the storm has cleared

I resurface from the water

I breathe in

Colour is restored to my eyes

The clouds clear

The thunder stops

And I realise what I have done

While I was underneath the sea of depression.

I have a reason

Though its not an excuse.

Now I have something to make up for.



Climate Change is Upon Us

It was October in August

And Now its August in October.

Leaves turning Colour and Falling in Summer

Heat Slowly Rising in Autumn

Why does nobody care

That their lives are at risk,

That wer’e all gonna die?

We have the power to stop this

Its so simple

Yet people do nothing.

I ask from the bottom of my heart.

Do Something

Fight Back

Make the higher ups listen

Otherwise everything beautiful will be gone

Even the human race.



A poem by Ellie Hersey

I’ve been triggered

Do you think I was wrong for leaving my mum?

Do you think I was wrong for leaving her all alone?

Do you think I was wrong for cutting her out of my life?

Maybe there’s more to her story than I know


Ok but heres the voice of reason coming in here,

If she really cared about you



Then she would be looking after you

Or at least trying anyway,

But she’s not doing that.

And she hasn’t been doing that for a long time.

You did the right thing walking away.

Questioning your decision when your’e depressed

Is just another sign that you’ve been abused.

Your’e not a bad person Ellie,

Your’e just trying not to be.

And thats ok.

Ok should be Ok.



A short story

I was born.

Then I left.

I came.

Then I left again.

A boy washed up on a beach of pale sands. There was a dense sea fret all around, so thick that any life form could only see inches in front of them.

The boy spluttered. His mouth was full of sand and grit. The air around him seemed to clench inwards making him feel like he was a person underwater, the water caging him in, making it hard for him to breathe.

The air was toxic. Everywhere was toxic. The fog, if you looked at it for a long time, looked like steams of gas. Light it, and everywhere would explode.

Then it went black.